Fluoroplastics chemical pump series

FJX evaporative circulating pump

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Product Type: FJX Evaporative Circulating Pump

Main features: working temperature: <170 C flow rate: 300m3/h~23000m3/h head: 2m~7m

Product Profile

Based on the advantages of evaporative fluoroplastics centrifugal pumps at home and abroad, our company has developed FJX evaporative circulating pump, which can be widely used in evaporation, crystallization, chemical reaction and other processes in chemical industry, non-ferrous metallurgy, salt making, light industry, etc.

FJX Series in the installation form: installation on the ground, suspension, floating pool surface three forms. The sealing structure is auxiliary impeller + combined double-end mechanical seal and double packing seal.

Industrial and mining conditions

Flow range: 300m3/h~23000m3/h

Yang Cheng Range: 2m~7m

Temperature <170 C

Product use

The application scope of FJX evaporative circulating pump: inflammable, leaky and explosive liquids in chemical industry, petroleum, paper making, acid and alkali making, pesticides, medicine, etc.

Product structure chart: