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SF type large flow acid-resistant lining fluorine centrifugal pump

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Product Type: SF Large Flow Acid and Alkali Lining Fluorine Centrifugal Pump

Main features: working temperature: - 20 ~150 C flow rate: 50m3/h~15000m3/h head: 8m~140 M

Product Profile

SF type large flow acid-resistant lining fluorine centrifugal pump is an open double suction lining fluorine pump, which is a new high-efficiency and energy-saving product of renewal. SF-type pump is a new product based on S-type pump, which is designed with corrosion-resistant material and mechanical seal structure. It is designed and manufactured according to international standards combined with the technical specifications of non-metallic pumps. It has a high degree of serialization, standardization and generalization. It has advanced performance, stable operation, safety and reliability, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and high temperature resistance. It is not ageing and can be used for transportation of all kinds of corrosive media.

Working conditions

Flow: 50-15000m3/h

Head: 8-140 M

Temperature: - 20 - 150 C

Scope of application

Corrosive medium transportation in chemical production, chlorine water wastewater treatment and acidification process in ion-exchange membrane caustic soda project (most of the pumps used in ion-exchange membrane caustic soda projects in China are our products), electrolyte transportation in non-ferrous metal smelting, acid pickling process in automobile manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, petroleum, electricity, electroplating, etc. Dyestuffs, pesticides, papermaking, food, textiles and many other industries

Three-dimensional structural drawing