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Anhui south chemical pump industry co., LTD. New product appraisal will be completed successfully

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The new product appraisal committee of anhui southern chemical pump industry invited: chemical machinery researcher li qiang, fluid transmission and control professor zeng yishan, electrical inspection is senior engineer liu changhong, fluid quality inspection senior engineer cheng xiaomin, anhui machinery industry association President feng wandong and county economic and information technology committee leadership.

Pan yaodong, chairman of anhui southern chemical pump industry, leads the company's technical staff to report new products

New products:

CQB-N fluoroplastic magnetic pump

NMLSW type three insulation magnetic pump

NMQ metal magnetic pump

The new product has been praised by five experts.

Anhui southern chemical pump industry has taken a new step in product innovation, quality and performance.

After the new product appraisal, Mr. Pan yaodong led the experts to visit the workshop site

Pan dong introduces the new product

Pan dong explains new product details

Pan introduced the national B - class pump testing center

The new product identification will be completed successfully.

The following time anhui southern chemical pump industry will continue to move forward steadily, for you new and old customers, friends with more and better new products!