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Anhui southern chemical pump industry in advance to you a New Year

time:2018-02-11 views:314


The golden dog knock blessing to, is the most qiao, is the earliest, is the most true, is the most sincere, is my heart, is the most spirit.

Anhui southern chemical pump industry to you!

Hello to the whole family! No trouble! Three obeisance will not change old! Four worship happiness around! Five baibugao! Six worship peace cover! Seven worship happy smile! Eight worship dream early! Good news! Ten baile happy!

All good things come!

Solstice will have a holiday on February 22, 2018, and will officially start work on February 23.

If the customer has any relevant purchase inquiries, please contact relevant personnel in time, so as not to affect your work. Thank you for your trust and love to anhui southern chemical pump industry!