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Anhui southern chemical pump industry invites you to visit API China 82nd China international pharmaceutical API/intermediates/packaging materials/equipment fair

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May 8-10, 2019

Hangzhou international expo center

No.353, binjing avenue, qianjiang century city, xiaoshan district, hangzhou

The pavilion: 1 be10

API China pharmaceutical exhibition is a time-honored and large-scale exhibition in the field of Chinese pharmaceutical industry. In the past 50 years, it has promoted and witnessed the development and growth of the pharmaceutical industry of new China and become the preferred platform for Chinese and even global pharmaceutical industry gathering, exchange, trade, learning and cooperation! Today, the exhibition of raw materials not only covers more than 50,000 kinds of raw materials in 24 categories, but also includes all auxiliary materials, functional ingredients, internal and external packaging materials, production and testing equipment needed for the production of medical and health products. Today's raw material has become a "standing" trading platform for tens of thousands of pharmaceutical and health care products manufacturers at home and abroad. It is precisely these unique charms that make more than 700 raw materials, more than 300 auxiliary ingredients and ingredients enterprises, more than 300 pharmaceutical packaging and 200 pharmaceutical equipment enterprises gather together with tens of thousands of professional audiences from home and abroad.

API China pharmaceutical pharmaceutical exhibition focused on improving the Chinese medicine active pharmaceutical ingredients, intermediates, pharmaceutical excipients overall level of production, research and development, new products and technology, on behalf of the Chinese pharmaceutical industry has become the industry leader, advanced product technology, interpretation of the policies and regulations for the enterprise, improve the level of industry production and reflect the development trend of industry brand event. The exhibition is supported by more than 97% of China's top 100 pharmaceutical enterprises, providing opportunities for pharmaceutical enterprises to establish information exchange and business cooperation with target customers for decision-making, procurement, technology and r&d personnel.

This exhibition will for the first time set up an intelligent pharmaceutical exhibition area, displaying the most advanced and efficient automation, information technology and intelligent pharmaceutical products and solutions at home and abroad, and helping to realize the strategic goal of made in China 2025 in the pharmaceutical field at an early date.

Scale of APIChina hangzhou exhibition: the exhibition area is 80,000 square meters, the number of exhibitors is 1,800, and the professional audience is more than 60,000.

Anhui south chemical pump industry co., LTD will appear at booth 1BE10, hall 1B, welcome new and old customers to visit the booth for guidance and business negotiation.

Main products of this exhibition:

Leak-free stainless steel magnetic pump series:

Fluorine lined non-leakage magnetic pump series:

Fluorine lined corrosion resistant centrifugal pump series:

New and old customers are welcome to visit the booth for guidance and business negotiation.